Lay Report 019

        Field report It was Thursday night, week five of this year, I have decided to call it a day, I was done with daygame, I thought of saying hello to a few non-daygame friends, it is when I switch from being a daygamer to one of the normals(double agent), my non-daygame … Continue reading Lay Report 019


Lay report 018

    Field report It was the New Year’s Eve, everyone is rushing to find the right spot so they get to watch the fireworks, take photos and videos and post them on Instagram or snapchat etc etc anyway long story short, I saw that girl and she stopped and walked towards me to ask … Continue reading Lay report 018

Lay report 0016

  Field report — Girl one The approach went on for eight minutes, she looked mix ethnicities when I walked up to her, later on she said no she was only from South China, she was twenty eight and rating her six on the street, sharp eyes, black hair, stripped black and white tight t-shirt, … Continue reading Lay report 0016

Date report 007

        Another date with the girl from the previous date report oh oh six, we met at the railway station and started walking towards venue one, I just did the usual from sending her to find a good table to me getting two drinks from the bar, this girl is very fucking … Continue reading Date report 007

free talk with yad from in sydney, australia

  Yad Royal ‪Free talk with Yad from in Sydney‬, Australia  Send all your questions to Friday, November 30th 2018, 19:00 o’clock  Buy a drink and go upstairs to the Function room at The Royal Hotel 370 Abercrombie Street Darlington NSW 2008 #daygame @lovedaygame

Lay report 0015

        Field report The approach went on for exactly nine minutes and fifty five seconds, I delivered the opener and she was clearly surprised from me turning around and front stopping her, she was wearing sky blue t-shirt, white short shorts and white sandals, walking slowly with her curvy ass and showing … Continue reading Lay report 0015